Tribe Poetry Project comes to ORIS!

oris LogoORIS in Manchester New Hampshire is partnering with Tribe Poetry Project to be a part of their Youth Intern Computer lab! I will be working with about sixteen refugee and immigrant teenagers from Congo, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Haiti, Nepal and Bhutan to create content for their personal blogs by helping them to tell their stories through poetry and prose.

The goal is also to help them build confidence in themselves and in their stories by encouraging them to stand up and read what they’ve written to the group. The first step in honoring one’s voice is writing. Then, reading one’s work to an actively listening group is where the necessary communal connection is made. And being a part of that actively listening group is just as important. This is what what pulls who we are out of the shadows and into the light. This is what Tribe Poetry Project is about and what we hope to achieve at ORIS.

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