Beat Night

Beat Night is a 20-year-old poetry reading originally started and run for 14 years by Larry Simon and currently held every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm at Portsmouth Book & Bar, Portsmouth New Hampshire. 

What sets Beat night apart is that the writers get to read with a full band. They give a few words about the tone, style or mood they want for their piece and the band improvises something just for that. The results range from fun to amazing.

Beat Night is a mutual exchange of inspiration between the writer, the band and the audience and it’s never the same thing twice. 

The Beat Night Band is Frank Laurino, percussion. Mike Barron, Drums. Chris Stambaugh, Bass. Dave Tonkin, guitar. Scott Solsky, guitar. Scip Gallant, Keys. occasional members are Don Davis, Sax. Cynthia Chatis, flutes and voice

Article about Beat Night by Denise Wheeler

Interview about Beat Night with Chris Hislop

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